“Why portrait photography? Because the story behind the person is always amazing. Because underneath there is always a deeper layer that translates into emotion, energy and the particular. I want my work to capture the story and the spirit behind the person.”

Catalin Rucareanu, Business Portrait Photographer



2008 – present: Creative Director & Partener, ELEVEN

2005 – 2008: Senior Art Director, TBWA/Merlin

2003 – 2005: Senior Art Director, COHN & JANSEN

1998 – 2003: Creative Director & Partener, ADVISER

1995 – 1998: Art Director, D’ARCY


Catalin Rucareanu’s photography leaves no room for gewgaws. The concept, the message, the composition algorithms always come first. As he himself points out, Catalin Rucareanu is primarily an art director, with an experience of over 20 years in delivering “the best version” of brands’ visual presence. The formation of an art director is different. He doesn’t search for just the aesthetic dimension, but for a conceptual essence that is then transmitted in the simplest and most representative way in relation to the subject.

Catalin is defined by the ability to think and visualise concepts before moving on to execution, by his synthetic work style and the tendency to super-refine the idea, by the pristineness of the visual message and the capacity to find the perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetic originality. This comes as a result of his formation in industrial design, but also from his vast experience in complementary visual fields (art direction, brand identity design, product design, packaging design, CGI, web design, photography).

All these are translated into portraits – with an impeccable technique and an unique approach to the relation between light and subject, placing his style somewhere between art, fashion and classical portrait photography.